Kids Nail Polish Wrap - Chevy

Kids Nail Polish Wrap - Chevy

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Kids Non-toxic nail wraps for kids. 

Who says kids can’t add some fun in their nails? They can too with these Kids Nail Wraps! Of course, Young girls wanted it too like their mommas!

These lovely kids nail wraps definitely meet every little girl’s cute and fun little nail dream! Very easy to use and lasts 10-15 days. Comes with 20pcs self-adhesive nail wrap stickers that’s easy to apply. Made with safe, non-toxic materials so you don’t have to worry even if the little girls put their fingers in their mouth. Even with playing outdoors or in the water, these nail stickers are good to go and last long. Dress them up from head to toe, and don’t forget to color their fingernails! Add top coat with clear nail polish for better effect!

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